Reversible Velvet Blue Statement Bomber Jacket 2.0


A Soot and Ty Royal Banquet Collection.

The Royal Banquet collection is a selection of luxe velvet bomber jackets in regal colours, fitting for any grand event.

It is a eye-ball-popping electric blue velvet with the iconic Soot and Ty red fan fabric reverse that is quite unexpected two jackets in one. Both sides will garner attention and admiration.

Important remarks:

Reversible Velvet Bomber Jacket 2.0 follows the same principles of the previous Love at First Touch collection, but with few added differences to elevate comfort and your presence. New branded 2 way reversible zipper pullies designed with making a Statement. Each jacket is labeled with Limited One of 30 to let you know you have a rare item in hand, and surely will be lucky to meet another Soot and Ty fan wearing the same.

The fitting has been redesigned to feel more relaxed, whilst the previous was more classic fitting, these jackets are regular fit, maintaining the elegance and adding comfort of greater movement.

The collection has the signature hall markings of a Soot and Ty Unique Statement Jacket, and surely will become your new most loved and complimented wardrobe investment piece.

Don’t invest in a Soot and Ty Unique Statement Jacket if getting attention and being stopped is not what you will enjoy.



Soot and Ty branded two way reversible zipper head, zip front closure, elasticated cuffs, neck and waist.

50% Polyester 50% Cotton velvet side | 100% Cotton Red Fan side.



Sizing for reference: 175cm Tall | 86kg weight | Average build = Medium

PLEASE contact if you feel unsure, but before sending any items your order will be double checked with you. Ensure your email and number is accurate.

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