Soot and Ty is a London based brand with an international influence. Soot and Ty is an emotive brand with focus on personality rather than fashion, and style rather than the trend. All jacket and bomber jackets are limited to 50 pieces in each design.

"We are what we wear; unique, special and distinct".

Soot and Ty tries to combine elegant and eye catching designs into every creation with attention to detail, product quality and customers need for something special.

“If the body is a blank canvas, Soot and Ty is the paint”.


The Brand History:

Soot and Ty was created by Zak Million in 2014 out of frustration of working in a local government office, and the lack of availability of tailor fit shirts that suited his metrosexual personality. Therefore, Soot and Ty brand identity is strongly influenced by Zak’s opinions, taste and lifestyle.

He felt there was not many menswear brands available that catered to his personality and style, so he decided to base Soot and Ty on what he likes and enjoys wearing. A fondness for quirky prints and floral patterns without losing sophisticated-cool and versatility of being smart casual to casual smart.

Zak always dresses to his personality and style, and this is what is always aimed to be delivered by Soot and Ty, a from work to the weekend’ brand.

“In a room full of shirts, a Soot and Ty shirt should stand out from the rest and still look stylish and interesting”.


With brand popularity across the world and audiences,  shirts were not suitable for more of the curvy figures that loved the designs. So a move was formulated to create bomber jackets. A timeless staple classic mainting the elegance and versatility to coordinate with different styles and personality.

Reversible bomber jackets were born. Now the collection of jackets are all 30 pieces per design, new additions are hoodies and tshirts for a newer audience. Importantly, nothing compromises the ethos of the brand of delivering something remark worthy, unique, special and limited.

Soot and Ty is a discovery store, what will you discover? Check it out online or brick and mortar store in Camden, London.




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Store Location: 744-745 Camden Stables, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AH, United Kingdom